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The Municipality of Mladenovac

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Municipality of MladenovacThe municipality of Mladenovac, one of the 17 urban municipalities of the City of Belgrade, is situated in the northern part of the lowland region of Sumadija, at an altitude ranging from 113 to 628 metres (mountain Kosmaj). It extends across most of the basin of the little river Veliki Lug, a left tributary of the Kubrsnica, and the outer edges of mountain Kosmaj lying to the west of it. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Sopot, Grocka, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Topola and Arandjelovac. The territory of the municipality has temperate continental climate, with an average annual temperature of 10.7о C and precipitation of 649 mm. The municipality covers an area of 33,904 hectares 71 ares and 44 square metres. Today, the town of Mladenovac has over 22,000 citizens and is situated in the central part of the Municipality, which – according to the last census - has a total of 56,389 citizens living in 5 urban, 4 suburban and 15 village local communities.

Mladenovac, located in the centre of the municipality, and the whole of the municipality itself, have a favourable geographic position. Moravsko-Vardarsko-Nisavska railway (Belgrade-Nis-Sofia) runs across its territory, providing excellent railway communications. Belgrade-Nis motorway also runs through the territory of the municipality. In Mali Pozarevac an arterial road leading to Mladenovac branches off the motorway, so that the town has a short link with the most important road in Serbia. In Mladenovac, the arterial road to Kragujevac branches into regional roads to Smederevo and Smederevska Palanka, thus providing the municipality with exceptional connections with the neighbouring towns. Mladenovac is also well-connected with the capital - by the motorway (54 km) and the road via Ralja and Avala (56 km). The vicinity of the capital of Serbia and the fact that since 1971 the municipality has also been part of the territory of the City of Belgrade, give this municipality many advantages over other municipalities.


Mladenovac  Info

Population: 56.389
City of Mladenovac: 22.000 (2. Augusta 1893 proglašen za varoš, a središte sreza postaje 1930. godine)
Area: 338 km2
Settlements: 22
Village settlements: Amerić, Beluće, Beljevac, Velika Ivanča, Velika Krsna, Vlaška, Dubona,Jagnjilo, Koraćica, Kovačevac, Mala Vrbica,Markovac, Pružatovac, Rabrovac,Senaja,Crkvine, Šepšin
Suburban settlements: Rajkovac, Međulužje, Granice, Mladenovac (selo)
Roads: 118 km regionalnih, 28 km magistralnih i 162 km lokalnih puteva
Municipality day: August 2th

Predrag  Aleksendric

We hope that this short introduction to Mladenovac and its rich history have managed to inspire you to see for yourself the beauty and the spirit which characterize it. The gate to the tame and beautiful Sumadija is wide open to all well-meaning guests.


Opština Mladenovac u periodu 1945-1955. sastojala se samo od varoši Mladenovac. Od 1955. do 1957. opština Mladenovac se sastojala od varoši Mladenovac, Sela Mladenovca, Međulužja i Rajkovca.