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The hospitality tradition of Blagojevic family, over half a century long, originated and was carefully nurtured in Kordun and was continued in Sumadija. The family restaurant “MB” was put into operation in 1998 on St. Elias Day, at the foot of the tame Kosmaj mountain and at the entrance to Mladenovac.

The secrets and charm of the hospitality trade, for which the Blagojevics were famous far and wide in their old country, are being discovered by lovers of good food not only in Mladenovac and the surrounding area, but also by many citizens of Belgrade who have heard stories of the most savoury roast lamb and pig in this part of Serbia.

Roasted over a beech wood fire, according to a recipe which is kept as the most precious family treasure, with careful selection of lambs from the mountain regions of Serbia, the roast lamb at “MB” restaurant or “at Juca’s”, as the regular guests would say, is a true gastronomic experience which is remembered and retold for a long time.

A combination of hot roast pig, for which this part of Serbia is widely known, salads made of fresh vegetables grown on nearby farms, home-made cheeses and prosciutto ham, warm pitta bread, broths and soups, as well as barbecue dishes cooked to order will make “MB” restaurant an ideal place for your business or family lunches.

Apart from the wide range of quality domestic and foreign drinks, each guest can also enjoy themselves over a glass of original homemade pear, plum or apricot brandy, which is produced by Blagojevic family for the guests of “MB” restaurant.

In the tastefully decorated interior, which emanates warmth and hospitality, your satisfaction will be in the care of 30 permanently employed workers, including the entire Blagojevic family – Milorad, Mira, and their daughters Marijana and Milka with their husbands. Thus they continue the good family tradition which was started in the 1950s by grandpa Mihajlo and later by granny Marija, whose inn at the village of Kuplensko in Kordun was patronized by all the lovers of authentic, homemade specialties of Kordun.




Mladenovac, Svetolika Rankovica 111 b
Tel: 011 8201-591
Fax: О11 8201-615

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Web: www.restoranmb.com




He was born in Vojnic on February 5th 1953, son of Mihajlo and Marija. He has two daughters (Marijana and Milka) by his wife Mira. From his earliest childhood Milorad had an opportunity to learn the hospitality trade, since his father Mihajlo was a famous hospitality worker at the hospitality company ”Petrova Gora” Vojnic until retirement, and his mother Marija set up a hospitality firm way back in 1968. Having finished school, in 1976 Milorad took over the running of the hospitality firm which operated until August 4th 1995, when the entire Blagojevic family was banished from their home and settled in Smederevska Palanka as refugees. The following year they bought building land in Mladenovac, constructed a residential and business facility and on August 2nd 1998 welcomed the first guests in their newly constructed restaurant.

The whole Blagojevic family – Milorad, his wife Mira, his daughters Mirjana and Milka, are involved in this family business, and Milorad hopes that his grandchildren too, the three of them, will continue the family hospitality tradition.

The commitment of Blagojevic family to the development of entrepreneurship and the application of innovative ideas in the hospitality field, have been attested by the Committee for marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mihajlo Pupin, which awarded Milorad “PUPIN’S MEDAL” for lifetime achievement  in the field of science and business on October 9th 2010.




Godine 1965, za jednu noć, “plavci” iz Vrbice buldožerom su prosekli “bulevar” tako da je ujutro pukao pogled ka Tehničkoj školi. Bulevar je potpuno završen 29.11.1980. a prva tri manja tipska solitera s desne i leve strane bulevara i dugačka zgrada preko puta obdaništa započete su pre 1967. godine. Tehnička škola je prva “izašla na brdo”, sagrađena 1961. pre probijanja bulevara. Zgradu, koja je u početku bila predviđena za osnovnu školu, gradio je “Režijski odbor opštine” po tipskom projektu a nadzorni organ je bio Bora Đermanović.