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„OMEGA DD GROM“ Ltd.“OMEGA DD GROM” Ltd. enterprise originated from a craft and services shop in 1993, and in almost two decades of its existence it has constantly developed and expanded its activities from manufacturing to wholesale and rendering the services of marketing and printing.

The main activity of this family firm successfully run by Mr Dragan Dedic is the MANUFACTURING AND CASTING OF NON-FERROUS METALS: aluminium, brass, bronze, tin, lead, and cast iron. All the products are designed with precision and observing the models, designs and samples to the slightest detail.
Along with manufacturing, the company is also successfully engaged in wholesale trade of electrical engineering materials, the manufacturing of electric power installations and networks, the sale of fan belts, extremultus and conveyor belts, as well as rendering the services of gluing them.
At a time when the Internet is growing in importance, both in marketing advertising and as a means of communication, “OMEGA DD GROM” also offers the market the services of the design and maintenance of high quality websites, and professional equipment for all kinds of printing.



Manufacturing, Trading and Services Company

11400 Mladenovac, Kneza Lazara 1 /19

Medjuluzje Branch

11. Oktobra 10
Tel/Fax : 011 6236 150, 8231 052
e mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.omegaddgrom.co.rs



DRAGAN DEDICFounder, owner and manager: DRAGAN DEDIC

Born in Lebane on September 30th 1958, son of Bozidar and Milojka. He is an electrical engineer by training. From 1977 to 1993 he was employed as commercial operation manager at Electric Power Distribution Company Mladenovac, and in 1993 he set up a private company which is now an example of a successful family business, which employs all the members of the Dedic family: Dragan’s wife Svetlana and his sons Dalibor, Nemanja and Nenad.
He is the chairman of the Serbian Assiciation of Employers – Employers of Mladenovac.


Godine 1965, za jednu noć, “plavci” iz Vrbice buldožerom su prosekli “bulevar” tako da je ujutro pukao pogled ka Tehničkoj školi. Bulevar je potpuno završen 29.11.1980. a prva tri manja tipska solitera s desne i leve strane bulevara i dugačka zgrada preko puta obdaništa započete su pre 1967. godine. Tehnička škola je prva “izašla na brdo”, sagrađena 1961. pre probijanja bulevara. Zgradu, koja je u početku bila predviđena za osnovnu školu, gradio je “Režijski odbor opštine” po tipskom projektu a nadzorni organ je bio Bora Đermanović.