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The year 1987 saw the founding of the business unit Senior Citizens’ Home Mladenovac as a subsidiary of Belgrade Retirement Home. Mladenovac Retirement Home was founded by the decision of the Serbian Government of September 1st 2002. The capacity of the institution is 310 residents. The institution has double, three-bed and four-bed rooms for the accommodation of ambulatory, semi-ambulatory and bed-ridden residents.

The facility is located in the wider town centre, in a quiet neighbourhood near Selters spa. The central facility is of pavilion type with two floors. We have a large garden with walking paths. There is a shop and a bar within the building. The capacity of the central building is 240 residents. In 1998 the so-called ‘refugee’ facility with 6 detached little houses was constructed.
The institution employs 134 workers. Our residents are provided with accommodation, the services of socio-psychological care, meals, complete health care and nursing, physical therapy, cultural, amusement, work-occupational and functional activities.
The trained staff of this institution invests a lot of effort in making the life of the residents in the institution humane, meaningful and in involving each resident in different activities, depending on their individual needs, remaining work abilities and interests.
Many cultural, educational, work, occupational, sports and recreational activities are aimed at enriching and improving the personality, making our residents more content and helping them adapt to the living conditions in the Home.
The institution traditionally organizes two events: “The Commencement of Golden Age”, which brings together residents from other Retirement Homes across Serbia, and “The Champions of Old Age and Ageing”, which takes place in October as part of the activities marking the month of solidarity with old people. Suitable programmes are organized to celebrate state and religious holidays – New Year, Christmas, National Sovereignty Day (which is also the patron saint’s day of this institution), Easter, the International Day of Older Persons, etc. Once a month we organize birthday parties for those who were born in that month, with small gifts for them and an amusement programme; concerts of cultural and artistic societies, socializing with members of clubs for elderly people and with children from ‘Breze’ kindergarten, performances of preschool children, religious services and spiritual talks with priests. Excursions and socializing with residents of other homes as well as visits to monasteries, are some of the most popular activities with our residents, and take place several times a year.
We are planning to set up a Day Care Centre for the elderly as a subsidiary of our institution. It would make up for one of the missing services of non-institutional care in the territory of the urban municipality of Mladenovac.



11400 Mladenovac, Filipa Filipovica 1
Tel: 011 8231 826  8233 856
Tel/fax: 011 8230 865
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SLAVICA MILOVANOVICManagement: Manager: SLAVICA MILOVANOVIC, BA in political science

She was born in Smederevska Palanka on November 18th 1962, daughter of Stanimir and Milanka. Upon graduation from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade she was employed at the Municipal Assembly of Mladenovac as a research associate at the Refugee Commission. On April 1st 2002 she was appointed manager of the business unit Mladenovac Home and on September 1st of the same year she was appointed manager of Mladenovac Retirement Home.
She is married and has two daughters.



Opština Mladenovac u periodu 1945-1955. sastojala se samo od varoši Mladenovac. Od 1955. do 1957. opština Mladenovac se sastojala od varoši Mladenovac, Sela Mladenovca, Međulužja i Rajkovca.