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Mladenovac cultural centreSTRAIGHT INTO THE CENTRE

At the heart of Mladenovac, only 40 km away from the centre of Belgrade, is a centre which radiates inexhaustible creative energy, a home of all arts, “a safe haven” of musicians, painters and writers, a dynamic creator and a mainstay of the cultural life of the town – MLADENOVAC CULTURAL CENTRE.

At the unified complex of multi-purpose spaces, with a total area of 1,300 m2, the vivid colours of various artistic expressions interweave daily and are given to the town through regular exhibitions, film showings, concerts, theatre shows, discussions, literary programmes and creative workshops organized by the Centre.
Along with the organization of its regular programmes, the Centre is also the founder and initiator of other events and projects, some of which (like the Art Colony, a meeting place for visual artists from our country and the region) are entering the third decade of existence. The theatre festival “Theatre in One Action” dates from as early as 1975. Initiated by a group of enthusiasts, it is now a representative gathering of visiting theatres from Belgrade and other towns in Serbia. The citizens of Mladenovac enjoy their shows at the beginning of October every year.  
And in June 2010, the Centre became the host of the “World Mladenovac Music Festival”, a festival of world music, which has experienced incredible growth in popularity across the world in the last decade. During the whole year the visitors of the Centre will have an opportunity to see and hear live the traditional and authentic sounds of the nations of the world, and this joyous and spirited festival was opened by the virtuoso Norewgian group “Bengalo”.
We will end our modest portrayal of this Centre, which has a rich programme of arts events, with the description of “The Centre of Urban Culture” – the first and only project of its kind in the region, devoted to music, theatre, dancing and experimental events, open to all freethinking and creatively progressive organizations and individuals. The project aims at providing these organizations and individuals with conditions for creating, nurturing and expressing their new ideas and views to the widest public.
Bearing all this in mind, we shall only say - STRAIGHT INTO THE CENTRE!



11400 Mladenovac, Vojvode Putnika 7
Tel-fax: 011 8231-230
E mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.ckm.co.rs




He was born in Belgrade in 1977, son of Milisav and Ljubica.
He graduated from the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music (Ukraine), major in accordion and composing, where he earned the title of MFA. He is an accordion teacher at Dr Vojislav Vuckovic Music School.
In addition to classical music, he is also a lover of electronic music and has composed music for theatre shows and TV shows as well.
In June 2009 the Assembly of the City of Belgrade appointed him the manager of Mladenovac Cultural Centre.
He is married to Jelena, a violin teacher, by whom he has a son, Andrej.




Opština Mladenovac nazivala se grad u posleratnim godinama (1945-1947), a nalazila se u srezu Mladenovac koji je obuhvatao skoro sva sela današnje opštine. U periodu 1947-1955. opština Mladenovac se nalazi u Kosmajskom srezu koji je oformljen od sreza Mladenovac i sreza Sopot, sa sedištem u Mladenovcu u Acovićevoj zgradi.