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PRESCHOOL INSTITUTION “JELICA OBRADOVIC“ MLADENOVACThe preschool institution in Mladenovac was established on January 1st 1966 as an organization of special importance, under the name of “Mladenovac Institution for Day Care of Children”. Its predecessor was a playgroup within “Momcilo Zivojinovic” Primary School. Originally, the work with children aged 3 to 7 in the first preschool institution was organized in a prefabricated facility with a capacity of 60 children. Today, “Jelica Obradovic” Preschool Institution (PI) incorporates the following nursery schools, kindergartens and facilities:

•    “Duga” kindergarten (previously called “Centar”), put into operation in April 1973, with a capacity of 415 children aged 1 (6 months) to 6 and a half;
•    “Breze” kindergarten, opened in March 1977, with a capacity of 152 children aged 1 to 6 and a half;
•    “Sunce” kindergarten (previously called “Petar Drapsin”), opened in October 1980, with a capacity of 216 children aged 1 to 6 and a half;
•    “Plavi cuperak” kindergarten in the village of Kovacevac, put into operation on September 1st 2003, with a capacity of 64 children aged 1 to 6 and a half;
•    “Zvezdica” kindergarten, opened in December 2008, expanded in October 2009, with a capacity of 136 children aged 1 to 6 and a half;
•    A central kitchen and laundry, with a capacity of 1,200 meals, constructed in 2010.
The Preschool Institution also comprises 17 groups for preschool children in 16 village communities and their activities are carried out on the premises of primary schools. The operation of preschool groups is organized in the villages of Jagnjilo, Rabrovac, Vlaska, Velika Ivanca, Velika Krsna, Markovac, Pruzatovac, Medjuluzje, Koracica, Sepsin, Senaja, Granice, Selo Mladenovac, Dubona and Americ, and since 2010 in Rajkovac as well.
The programme tasks are performed by 166 employees.

The preschool institution fulfills the following tasks:

•    providing the material basis for the operation of the institution;
•    work on providing all preschool children with full-day or four-hour care;
•    improvement of the educational work in accordance with the General Bases of the Preschool Programme;
•    improvement of preventive health care, diet, care, rest and recreation of children
•    work on the realization of development goals and tasks set in the Development Plan of the institution;
•    improvement of all kinds of cooperation with the family and local community;
•    work on advanced training of all employees.

An important quality in the operation of our institution is continuous advanced training of our employees with the aim of improving educational work with children.

From 2007 to the end of 2010 fifteen scientific and technical papers, delivered in a number of conventions and symposiums, have been published in domestic and international magazines and proceedings.  

The new programmes and projects which are being carried out in this institution are as follows:
•    The “Stand Straight and You’ll Do Great” programme has been carried out in all our kindergartens since the school year 2005/2006. It is aimed at the prevention of postural disorders of the spine and flat feet.
•    The “Toyotheque Bibliotheque” programme has been applied since 2005 and aims at enabling parents to choose and rent a toy for their child free of charge in a specially designated space in the kindergarten.
•    The trim track – Trim Playroom and Spidyland are multifunctional systems for monitoring, development and improvement of child locomotion. They are located at “Breze” kindergarten, so that this kindergarten has justly earned the status of a sports-environmental kindergarten.

The following are the directors who have been in charge of “Jelica Obradovic” PI from its foundation to present day:
Nadja Mitrovic, Vinka Stefanovic, Rada Damnjanovic, Miroslava Stojkovic, Nebbojsa Cvetkovic.

The following activities are being conducted with the aim of providing the material basis for the operation of the institution:
•    Expansion of “Plavi cuperak” facility, which will provide conditions for the admission of 70 more children from the territory of the local communities of Kovacevac and Velika Krsna,
•    Considering the needs of the Urban Municipality of Mladenovac, there are plans to construct a new kindergarten in “25 maj” housing estate,
•    2011 will see the construction of an indoor children’s stadium at “Sunce” kindergarten (in “Petar Drapsin” housing estate) and an outdoor children’s playground at “Breze” kindergarten (in Selters Spa housing estate), which will provide conditions for the improvement of children’s play, recreation and preschool sports.

The employees of “Jelica Obradovic” PI strive with enthusiasm for the prosperity of their institution to the benefit of children and believe that they have the strength to make this vision true.




Mladenovac, Vuka Karadzica 77
Tel/fax: 011 8230-159
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Nebojsa (Tomislav) Cvetkovic was born in Mladenovac on September 14th 1958. He is married and has two children.
He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education in Belgrade in 1983, obtained his master’s degree in 2006, and in 2009 defended his PhD dissertation at the Faculty of Sports in Novi Sad, in the specific field of kinesitherapy in preschool physical education (prevention of disorders of the status of feet and spine with preschool children)
Author of two reviewed booksHe is the author of two reviewed books: “Toning Exercices for Children” (1996) and “Stand Straight and You’ll Do Great” (2003), as well as the accredited programme “Stand Straight and You’ll Do Great”, available in the catalogue of advanced professional training programmes for education workers in the school years 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, published by the Republic Institute for the Improvement of Education. He has written a number of technical and scientific papers, which have been published in several domestic and international technical magazines.      
Since 2001 he has been the director of “Jelica Obradovic” Preschool Institution in Mladenovac.
He has been engaged in several organizations, as follows: in the National Educational Council of Serbia – Preschool Education Commission from 2006 to 2009 and as the chairman of the Association of Directors of Preschool Institutions of Serbia (UDIPUS) since 2003.    
He participated actively in karate, both as a competitor and an instructor at “Mladenovac” and “Red Star” karate clubs. He has a 4th degree master rank.     
Nebojsa Cvetkovic is the winner of several public awards and plaudits for his work. In 2008 the Municipal Assembly of Mladenovac awarded the author of this book a “Charter” for outstanding results in the field of education. On January 26th 2010 the bishop of Sumadija, Jovan, awarded him the “Archpriest Grammata” for many years of cooperation between the preschool institution and the Orthodox Church in the field of the education of children.



Opština Mladenovac u periodu 1945-1955. sastojala se samo od varoši Mladenovac. Od 1955. do 1957. opština Mladenovac se sastojala od varoši Mladenovac, Sela Mladenovca, Međulužja i Rajkovca.