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“TRIM” craft shop, owned by Nebojsa Blagojevic, was set up in 2007 and in the four years of its existence it has established itself as a reliable and solid business partner, whose manufacturing plant produces unique machines, which represent original and innovative ideas in our market.

The best-known product of “TRIM” craft shop is the PROBE TILLER. This machine attachment is intended to be used by fruit growers for digging and weed destruction. When the tiller comes to a tree it moves to the left on its own, thus causing no damage to the plant but at the same time destroying all the weeds around the tree. The numerous users of this “TRIM” company product who have tried it out in practice express evident satisfaction and assert that the probe tiller is a hit on our market, which has proved to be of far better quality and more affordable for our farmers than similar machines of famous foreign manufacturers.
“TRIM” also manufactures the universal “WOOD CHOPPING MACHINE”, which is unique on our market.
The expert staff of “TRIM” performs overhaul and upgrading of agricultural and other machinery and of concrete block making machines, manufactures tool parts, carries out all kinds of lathing and milling works, circular metal drilling, thermal processing of metal and all kinds of welding.
“Our motto is quality above all. If you need anything in our field of operation, feel free to contact us, and we will repay for your trust with maximum quality of our products and services. If you are satisfied, we are satisfied too,” say the people in this small, but already established firm.


“T R I M”

Mladenovac-Dubona, Prvomajska 164
Tel/Fax: 011 8204 152
Mob: 063 8098 508
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.trimdubona.rs




Born in Smederevska Palanka on April 29th 1972, son of Dragan and Grozdana. After many years of work experience in metalworking, in 2007 he set up “TRIM” craft shop, where he applied his undeniable talent and original technical ideas to the satisfaction of many business people in the territory of former Yugoslavia.




Opština Mladenovac nazivala se grad u posleratnim godinama (1945-1947), a nalazila se u srezu Mladenovac koji je obuhvatao skoro sva sela današnje opštine. U periodu 1947-1955. opština Mladenovac se nalazi u Kosmajskom srezu koji je oformljen od sreza Mladenovac i sreza Sopot, sa sedištem u Mladenovcu u Acovićevoj zgradi.