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“PASALIC” ltd.

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Bosko Pasalic’s “PASALIC VATROMETAL” was put into operation in Mladenovac in 1982 as a machinist workshop which was engaged in manufacturing bolt merchandise and metal products.

In the next few years the company realized the potential for manufacturing hydrant equipment and wall hydrant closets. Soon after the beginning of hydrant manufacturing, the company also started the production of the firefighting foam “GOLDFIRE”, which was the first firefighting foam manufactured exclusively from domestic raw materials.
Like all successful private firms, “PASALIC VATROMETAL” had to meet market demands and immediately after starting the manufacturing of firefighting foam, the company began manufacturing “BOPAL” firefighting powder. Soon, it also manufactured fire extinguishers with constant pressure. At that time, extinguishers with constant pressure were a novelty and it took many years and a lot of effort before “PASALIC VATROMETAL” could break into the market as the first private manufacturer of fire extinguishers, firefighting foam and powder and firefighting equipment in our country and in the region.
In the ten or so difficult years that followed in our country, “PASALIC VATROMETAL” was one of the main suppliers of foam, powder and other firefighting equipment to the leading safety and security systems in our country: the Yugoslav Army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, firefighting brigades, the Military Medical Academy…
Today, “PASALIC” Ltd. employs over 50 workers, including top experts in the areas of firefighting, safety, metallurgy, finance, marketing, technology, chemistry…
Staff associates, such as PhD’s from faculties, people from the leading state safety institutions, repairmen and other personnel of “PASALIC” Ltd. are there to offer customers top quality services, advice, training and to meet all their demands at all times.
Customers all across Serbia and those in Greece, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Germany, Libya and many others have assured themselves of the quality of our services and products.   
“PASALIC” Ltd. has operated successfully in the firefighting business for 30 years already. Wishing to improve our product range, we have introduced several more products which are already on the market.
Our wish to innovate the market with new technologies, to the mutual satisfaction of our partners and ourselves, is being successfully fulfilled. Through fruitful cooperation with our foreign business partners and their representative offices we have managed to expand our product range, which can satisfy the needs and wishes of our buyers.



Head Office

Mladenovac, 16. Nova br. 155
tel.011 6230-270; 6230-392

Belgrade, Kumodraska 378
tel: 011 3975 013

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.pasalic.rs








Godine 1965, za jednu noć, “plavci” iz Vrbice buldožerom su prosekli “bulevar” tako da je ujutro pukao pogled ka Tehničkoj školi. Bulevar je potpuno završen 29.11.1980. a prva tri manja tipska solitera s desne i leve strane bulevara i dugačka zgrada preko puta obdaništa započete su pre 1967. godine. Tehnička škola je prva “izašla na brdo”, sagrađena 1961. pre probijanja bulevara. Zgradu, koja je u početku bila predviđena za osnovnu školu, gradio je “Režijski odbor opštine” po tipskom projektu a nadzorni organ je bio Bora Đermanović.