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In 2007 a long and successful business cooperation between the Polish company “VARIANT S.A“ and the Serbian firm “FROG-M“ Ltd. resulted in the joint enterprise “VARIANT & FROG” Ltd. The company was founded with the aim of improving the quality of products and offer.

Thanks to the newly established joint company “VARIANT & FROG”, the latest brands of the firm “VARIANT S.A.” have found their way to the Serbian market as well. They include the following:

“Sunnycar” car cosmetics, as a vision of a new global car cosmetics brand, created way back in 1998
“Mobil Medic” automotive chemicals, a concept of a new brand of automotive chemicals and exploitation liquids, created in 1999
“Pulsar” glues, created as a result of the tests made during eight years of cooperation with famous international suppliers, represent a wide range of the latest glues for use with automotive vehicles, in technology and industry
“Norma Wheel Rims” (“Norma Shellen”), a German brand, a leader in the manufacturing of connection components such as metal rims and exhaust pipe rims; they are built in during the original factory assembly of Mercedes, Volkswagen and Opel vehicles.
All this has become a unique, recognizable and integral part of the offer on the Serbian market.
Our offer also includes a wide range of gear and equipment for car interior and exterior decoration.
Since 2009 “VARIANT & FROG” Ltd. has participated regularly at the international car fairs in Belgrade and Kragujevac, where it had a notable and recognizable place. We have also introduced a new brand of our Polish partner – equipment and machines for repair shops and tyre-repair shops. We have our own storage and transportation capacities.   
“VARIANT & FROG” Ltd. supplies over 150 retail shops, petrol stations, car parts shops, several wholesale shops, around fifty repair shops and workshops in the whole territory of Serbia, and we also export products to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Montenegro.
“VARIANT & FROG” Ltd. sees its future in yet closer association with its Polish partner with the aim of improving the quality and size of its product range, as well as increasing the number of customers both in the territory of Serbia and in the neighbouring countries. We believe that when it comes to this brand, we are ready to take a strategic place in our country.



11400 Mladenovac, Ivana Milutinovica 119
tel/fax: +381 11 7745 120
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.variant.pl/ba


Manager: RANKO SREJIC, BSc in economics




Godine 1965, za jednu noć, “plavci” iz Vrbice buldožerom su prosekli “bulevar” tako da je ujutro pukao pogled ka Tehničkoj školi. Bulevar je potpuno završen 29.11.1980. a prva tri manja tipska solitera s desne i leve strane bulevara i dugačka zgrada preko puta obdaništa započete su pre 1967. godine. Tehnička škola je prva “izašla na brdo”, sagrađena 1961. pre probijanja bulevara. Zgradu, koja je u početku bila predviđena za osnovnu školu, gradio je “Režijski odbor opštine” po tipskom projektu a nadzorni organ je bio Bora Đermanović.