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”FRIGO 2000 EXPORT-IMPORT” Ltd. is a successor of ”FRIGO SYSTEM” company, which was founded by Ljubisav Jovancevic in 1992. The company specializes in the design and assembly of industrial cooling systems, the manufacturing and maintenance of cooling devices for industry, hospitality, trade and homes.

In almost two decades of operation, this company has acquired an imposing list of business clients in former Yugoslav countries: dairies, ice cream producers, producers of drinks, wineries, bakeries, meat-packing industry, trading companies, restaurants and hotels.
In addition to its own products, ”FRIGO 2000 EXPORT - IMPORT” is also an importer and licensed distributor of the most famous foreign manufacturers of cooling systems and equipment.
”FRIGO 2000” is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and distribution of milk cooling devices (lactofreezes with a capacity of 200, 300 and 550 litres), and the product range also comprises pro-chrome catering equipment – neutral, food warming and cooling tables, the manufacturing of cooling chambers and panel objects.
”FRIGO 2000” also incorporates a retail shop for domestic appliances and ”FRIGO NEKRETNINE” (Real Estate) Agency. The Agency has established itself in the terrritory of Mladenovac and Belgrade in agency services regarding the sale of all kinds of realty with a team of real estate agents led by Mr Slobodan Blazic.  
Ambitious development plans of the company’s management, led by its owner Mrs Tanja Jovancevic, are also directed towards the construction of a residential and office building in Mladenovac intended for sale on the market. An attractive location in the centre of Mladenovac has already been provided for this.



Mladenovac, Kralja Petra I 204

Manufacturing plant

11406 Vlaska bb – Mladenovac
tel/fax: о11 8201-364; 8201-374
e-mail: tanjajovancevicк@nadlanu.com
Web: www.frigonekretnine.com

Company seat

Mladenovac, Kralja Petra I 204
tel/fax: 011 8231-122
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Founder of ”Frigo System“: LJUBISAV JOVANCEVIC


Founder and owner of ”FRIGO 2000”: TANJA JOVANCEVIC, nee Tadic

She was born in Palanka on June 9th 1970, daughter of Borisa and Leposava. She graduated from Medical School in Belgrade. After the death of her husband Ljubisav she successfully took over the running of the private firm and expanded its activities. She has two daughters by her late husband Ljubisav – Isidora and Aleksandra.


Born in Smederevska Palanka on November 11th 1969.
He has been employed at ”FRIGO SYSTEM” since 1994, and was appointed manager in 2009.



Opština Mladenovac u periodu 1945-1955. sastojala se samo od varoši Mladenovac. Od 1955. do 1957. opština Mladenovac se sastojala od varoši Mladenovac, Sela Mladenovca, Međulužja i Rajkovca.