Opština Mladenovac

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Jewelry AvramovicHOUSE OF FINE GIFTS

Half-century long tradition of goldsmithing and the art of casting of gold jewelry as well as an experience gained in renowned European goldsmiths of France and Switzerland are applied to the work of our family jewelry Avramović.


Gold and silver jewelry of the finest quality, made with traditional methods but with monitoring the contemporary  trends of making of an exclusive jewelry, will be the perfect way to cheer yourself but also an ideal gift for your favorite persons.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, wedding rings, pendants, brooches, white and yellow gold and silver are part of our extensive range of beauty which you will be convinced in if you visit one of our goldsmiths' shops in Aranđelovac, Mladenovac, Smederevska Palanka and Velika Plana.

Each of our items has a seal of its  fineness and background. For our valued customers making of jewelry can be done on request, and we also provide free engraving and first repair free of charge.

In addition to gold and silver jewelry, in our stores we offer a large selection of women's and men's elegant or sports watches from the most famous foreign producers. In our rich variety of world famous brands: "Doha", "Festina", "Pierre Carden", "Amilo","Casio", "Puma", "QQ"... you will find a model that will suit your needs and become recognizable part of your image for many years.

We provide a deferred payment guaranteed by check that is deposited in our safe. Repurchase or exchange of the old jewelry for the new one is also done in our stores in which cases we provide mandatory documentation.

"In short, we do our best to make our customers  fully protected and satisfied with our services and be fully confident in the quality and origin of any piece of jewelry purchased in the goldsmiths' Avramovic"- says Mr. Radosav Avramović, founder of this successful family jewelry shop.



Opština Mladenovac nazivala se grad u posleratnim godinama (1945-1947), a nalazila se u srezu Mladenovac koji je obuhvatao skoro sva sela današnje opštine. U periodu 1947-1955. opština Mladenovac se nalazi u Kosmajskom srezu koji je oformljen od sreza Mladenovac i sreza Sopot, sa sedištem u Mladenovcu u Acovićevoj zgradi.