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The first private dairy “GRANICE“, founded by Vukadinovic family, was established in 1993, with a capacity of processing 50 litres of milk a day. Today, it is an imposing factory put into operation in 2005, covering an area of 4000 square metres, and with a planned capacity of processing 100 tonnes of milk a day. It numbers among mid-sized dairies. The very location of the plant is quite attractive, in completely clean, environmentally friendly surroundings, three kilometres away from the centre of Mladenovac, on an elevation which gives a wonderful view of Sumadija and the beautiful mountain Kosmaj.

Currently, the plant processes 45 tonnes of milk a day. The raw milk which enters and the finished products which leave the plant are carefully monitored by the factory’s own chemical and microbiological laboratory, so that only high quality products reach the buyer.  “GRANICE“ dairy is furnished with the latest technological equipment and aims at continuously modernizing it. Milk collection is performed in the territory of the municipalities of Mladenovac, Arandjelovac, Topola, Raca, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Kragujevac and Velika Plana, and milk producers are regularly visited and trained by the veterinary service of the Dairy.
The product range includes: short-life PASTEURIZED MILK, full-fat YOGHURT, diet YOGHURT, SOURED MILK, top-quality SOUR CREAM, “Kosmajac“ feta CHEESE, “Granicar“ CACIOCAVALLO cheese.
Thanks to the quality and the particular taste of our products, finished products are distributed daily in Sumadija, Pomoravlje, Kolubarski region, Srem, Banat, and the whole territory of the city of Belgrade.
All our products are natural, i.e. made without any additives. The Dairy applies the highest food standards ISO 22000 and HACCP.
Every man wants to be healthy, strong and beautiful. Milk - this natural product, and dairy products are indispensable for healthy and thriving life, both with children (babies) and adults. Therefore, our motto “Granice Dairy – connecting you and nature” aims at bringing all that is natural, tasty and of high quality to our customers.



11400 Mladenovac, Nikole Pasica 246
Tel/Fax: 00 381 11 8236-991; 8232-762

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Web: www.granice.rs

Management - Owner and manager



Born in Granice on June 15th 1958, son of Zivadin and Radojka. He worked at “Elektrosumadija” and the Yugoslav Railway Company. In 1993 he set up “Granice” Dairy and embarked on a successful career in private business. He is married to Svetlana, by whom he has two sons – Ivan and Nemanja. The entire family is involved in the operation of the company.

Management - Marketing manager


SVETLANA VUKADINOVICMarketing manager and head of personnel department: SVETLANA VUKADINOVIC

Born in Mladenovac on September 30th 1958, daughter of Radomir and Dusanka Miletic. She was employed for twenty-two years as a health worker in Mladenovac, and since 2000 she has contributed to the development of “Granice” Dairy, together with her husband Dragan and sons Ivan and Nemanja.





Opština Mladenovac nazivala se grad u posleratnim godinama (1945-1947), a nalazila se u srezu Mladenovac koji je obuhvatao skoro sva sela današnje opštine. U periodu 1947-1955. opština Mladenovac se nalazi u Kosmajskom srezu koji je oformljen od sreza Mladenovac i sreza Sopot, sa sedištem u Mladenovcu u Acovićevoj zgradi.