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Logo“Petar Drapsin“ Concern is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality alluminium products and has a wide product range. The predecessor of the company and the first form of organization was the Main Tank Service Shop, which was transferred from Kranj in the spring of 1946. A decree of the Government of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia finally brought about the setting up of “Petar Drapsin“ as a state company of national importance on August 8th 1949.
Over the next 14 months the company manufactured the first five tanks, which participated in the parade on May 1st 1950.

Since then the company has grown, and the production programme has expanded to include the manufacturing of castings, forgings and cylinder assemblies, not only for the needs of the army industry, but also for the requirements of the automotive and engine industry, aviation, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, rail vehicles industry, civil engineering and other purposes.  
Today, the company operates as a concern which includes the following:
- Control Company KONCERN PDM
- Cylinder Assembly Factory
- Die Casting Factory
- Standard Plus  
- Forging Factory
- Tool Factory                                                
- Factory for the Manufacturing of Equipment, Maintenance and Energetics
- Safety Workshop
- Factory of Engine Parts in Zabari
- Export-Import Ltd.
ISOWhat PDM is the most famous for in our country and abroad is the cylinder assembly programme. The production programme of the Cylinder Assembly Factory comprises pistons, cylinder liners and pins primarily intended for diesel engines of cargo vehicles, tractors, buses and passenger vehicles. Cylinder workspace diameter ranges from 50 to 200 mm. Although the installed capacities are much bigger, it is currently impossible to produce more than 400 000 pistons and 100 000 liners for engines of the majority of the largest domestic and international engine manufacturers.
Today, the Factory is the largest Balkan manufacturer of cylinder assemblies for cargo vehicles, tractors, buses, railway vehicles and cars ranging from O 50 to O 200 mm.
The production programme of the Die Casting Factory includes castings made of alluminium casting alloys, casting alloys made of secondary alluminium. The castings weigh from 0.1 to 50 kg, with medium or high degree of complexity. We manufacture spare parts for gas devices and installations, cylinder blocks, spare parts for agricultural machinery, gearbox bells and gearboxes, spare parts for electric motors, spare parts for street lighting etc. Another important product is sand cores. The casting of alluminium alloy castings is the oldest activity at PDM Concern. The wide products range is primarily intended for the renowned manufacturers of engines and cars.
One of the oldest technologies at PDM Concern is the forging of nonferrous metals extracted from alluminium and copper alloys. In addition to defining the shape of the forged object, forging also results in considerably better mechanical characteristics of the forged product. Alluminium alloy forgings are especially significant, because owing to their exceptional mechanical and other characteristics they are increasingly supplanting steel. Copper alloy forgings are very important in electrical engineering and in armature manufacturing.
The products of this factory are used by military contracting companies, in the engine and automotive industry, rail vehicles industry, aviation, mining, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic component industry and for gas devices and installations.
The product range of the Sand Mould Casting Factory includes alluminium alloy castings weighing up to 500 kg. The capacity of the Factory is around 1,400 tonnes a year, with a possibility of expanding the capacity to 1,500 tonnes. Casting is performed in sand moulds, autoclaves and metal moulds (die casting). The most popular programme in the past few years is garden sets. It includes the manufacturing of benches, tables, chairs – made of metal and wood combinations or only metal. These products are intended for furnishing parks, gardens and indoor spaces. The product range also includes letter boxes, wall fountains, fountains, parking posts, flower stands, bins, swings and children’s garden sets, all in different colours and designs.




“PETAR DRAPSIN“ Joint-Stock Concern

11400 Mladenovac, Kralja Petra Prvog 34
tel: 011 8231 181; 8231-060; 8231-539 (sales department)
tel/fax: 011 8231 899
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.drapsin.co.rs



PETAR MILOVANOVICDirector general: PETAR MILOVANOVIC, BSc in mechanical engineering

He was born in Jagnjilo on March 10th 1961, son of Josif and Milanka.
Upon graduation from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, he was employed at ”Petar Drapsin” in Mladenovac, where he has held several responsible managerial posts in the 24 years of his loyalty to the company, and since 2002 he has been director general of the company.
He is married and has two children.




Godine 1965, za jednu noć, “plavci” iz Vrbice buldožerom su prosekli “bulevar” tako da je ujutro pukao pogled ka Tehničkoj školi. Bulevar je potpuno završen 29.11.1980. a prva tri manja tipska solitera s desne i leve strane bulevara i dugačka zgrada preko puta obdaništa započete su pre 1967. godine. Tehnička škola je prva “izašla na brdo”, sagrađena 1961. pre probijanja bulevara. Zgradu, koja je u početku bila predviđena za osnovnu školu, gradio je “Režijski odbor opštine” po tipskom projektu a nadzorni organ je bio Bora Đermanović.